When we say ‘it would take a miracle’
I am not thoroughly convinced that we understand what we say

For it is a miracle, that I am sitting here, in a park, in Kagaya

That I exist on this earth
is a miracle — and you too

That there are little creatures above me, chirping and cawing and flapping their way from branch to branch in the tops of giant columns growing from the Earth and sprouting canopies of branch and leaf that in turn are protecting me and the notebook in which I write this from a drizzle of water falling from big fluffy-looking clouds floating along their merry way high above all of this reminds me all the more

Miracles happen each time we wake up
don’t they

Our world is one mad, incalculable miracle every moment, every day and for this, I am still not convinced

that any of us understands what we say
when we say
‘it would take a miracle’

Image: “December in Kagaya Koen” from the series “Birds Soaring in Glorious Nature” by Patrick M. Lydon


Patrick M. Lydon

born San Jose, USA / lives Osaka, Japan

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December 6, 2018